VOL.034 Simon Daniel Cooke(共通教育センター)

My name is Simon Daniel Cooke. I am from England. I have been in Japan for about 20 years. I work at the Center of General Education. Nice to meet you.
クック サイモン ダニエル と申します。イギリス出身で、約20年間日本に住んでいます。共通教育センターに所属しています。

I would like to tell you about one of my hobbies. I like to make music. That is a little different from writing ‘I like to play music’ because, in fact, I cannot play an instrument very well at all. Using various music-making software, I try and play the music that I can hear in my head. I am not a very good player at all. It is difficult for me to complete a tune this way!

What was the start of this hobby? When I was a high school student, I was lucky to have friends that had a very broad taste in music. Some of them liked American and English punk bands, some liked progressive rock and others liked modern classical music and electronic music. Now, here at Tohtech, I am very lucky to have a friend and colleague in Katayama-sensei, whose amazing collection and knowledge of music of all genres far surpass my own. His is like all of my high school friends’ knowledge and collections rolled into one! I really fell in love with modern classical music and electronic music and I acquired quite a collection of Western and Eastern artists, such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre from the west and Geinoyamashirogumi, Susumu Yokota and Ryuichi Sakamoto from Japan. Listening to that music, I used to think ‘I wonder if I could make music like that?’
私は特に現代音楽と電子音楽に熱中し、欧米のアーティスト(ヴァンゲリス、ジャン・ミッシェル・ジャール、タンジェリン ドリーム)や日本人アーティスト(横田 進、坂本 龍一、芸能山城組など)の音楽を聴きながら「私もいつかそのような音楽を作ってみたい」と思いました。

Although I had played with a friend’s keyboard a little back in the UK, it was only when I came to Japan that I was able to save enough money to buy a keyboard and some music software of my own (although it meant living on tuna sandwiches for about a month!) One day, a friend mentioned that his wife, who worked for an advertising company in Sendai was looking for some music. I sent her some tunes and before long, I was amazed to learn that my music was going to be used for some commercials!

Since then, being the father of two small children, and having recently just started to study for my PhD, my spare time is practically non-existent. However, when I do have some time, I still like to make some tunes. I make children’s songs for my own kids and make short theme tunes for friend’s radio shows.

If you are interested, you can hear a sample of my music here:


Simon Daniel Cooke 准教授

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